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Empire Room (Velvet Rope Ticket)

This year Velvet Rope Ticket Holders will be enjoying a fabulous night in the Palmer House’s Empire Room. The Empire Room was first opened in 1925 as an elegant dining room and immediately brought in large crowds. The room was known for its lavish décor with, gold leaf motifs, sumptuous drapery, grand chandeliers, and gorgeous Louis XV tables and chairs. The Empire Room gained even more creditability from its portrayal of the elegance of the French Empire Period. Now the Empire Room is decorated in green and gold, with mirrored walls. However, the room continues to maintain the elegance that identified it as a premiere café society night club of days gone by. The room’s glamorous design can immediately be seen as a staircase inspired by the Paris Opera leads directly from the lobby of the Palmer House to the Empire Room. It has been said by many that walking in to the Empire Room is like taking a step back in time. The 20th century’s great entertainment luminaries from Tony Bennett to Carol Channing have all performed in the room. The list doesn’t stop there, as the Empire Room was illustrious for every well-known musician that performed in the room. Besides the long list of renowned performers the audience that was in attendance in the past is just as legendary as the performers The Empire Room saw. Its rich history is what makes the room sparkle today. This year at Big Night Chicago the Empire Room will be open for our Velvet Rope ticket holders. Sam Fazio will be the main entertainer for the night and delicious food and premium beverage brands are all included in the ticket price.

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